Highway Towards Nowhere / Animation, Short

Name: Highway Towards Nowhere
Year: December 2013
Running time: 1:52
Genres: Animation, short
Language: bulgarian / english subs
December 2013 – Aarhus, Denemark +

YouTube – youtube.com/watch?v=wH_zrfm5xNQ

“Highway Towards Nowhere” is a short film animation I did by my self for the third annual “Aarhus Short Movie Challenge” in Denmark. I animated 250 single frames on paper with pencil and black watercolor using the technique called rotoscopy and than I shoot them with my camera, because my scanner was on the way, so that’s one of the reasons the quality isn’t so good.
The animation is connected with the two key words for the challenge: “Illusion” and “Future”. The story is about the near future and has the classic ambiance for post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies, and one of the main stories told by the narrator voiceover is actually a real story which my grandmother, which past away three years ago, told my about her deathwish.

“This is a beautiful and yet frightening look towards the future, and anyone able to tell an animation story in 2 minutes knows that less is more. The honorable mention goes to “Highway Towards Nowhere” by Steffen von Fleisch.” – The ASFC2013 jury

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